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Episode 6

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Here we are at episode 6. Getting closer to double digit numbers every day. In this episode we get our article from the ever hysterical Brady Campaign. Mr. Pennington wrote an article in response to the Fort Hood killings which made little sense. This episode calls him out on it and goes through his article piece by piece pointing out the lies. I hope you enjoy it.

I also mentioned the Electronic Frontier Foundation push against Volomedia’s overly broad patent that could adversely affect podcasting. More information on that can be found here.


The “Breathtaking Inanity” of Jacob Sullum’s Homage To The Gun [PDF]

Companion Article

The Folly of Unilateral Disarmament [PDF]


United States Army Regulation 190-14 [PDF]

United States Bill of Rights [PDF]

Coffin vs. United States [PDF]

Nidal Malik Hasan’s Virginia Carry Permit Application [JPG/ZIP]

Virginia Concealed Carry Laws [PDF]

ATF Report on the FN FiveseveN [PDF]

FN FiveseveN Specifications [PDF]

H.R. 2159 [PDF]

H.R. 2159 Status [PDF]

1600 Names Suggested for Terrorist Watch List Daily [PDF]

Investigators Look for Missed Signals in Fort Hood Probe [PDF]

United States Code Title 18, Section 922, Chapter 44 [TEXT]


Episode 6 [MP3]