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Mayor Steve Lampi of Brooklyn Park

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The office of Steve Lampi has been very good to fill my information request in a timely manner. They’ve done an outstanding job providing all information between Mayor Lampi and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. I haven’t read through everything yet but I’m going to post what I have received. The documents linked here are not descriptively titled which I apologize for. I’m going to leave the document titles as I received them until such a time I can come up with a decent filing system and naming convention. Anyways here’s what I’ve received so far:

Document 1
Document 2
Document 2A
Document 2B
Document 2C
Document 2D
Document 2E
Document 2E1
Document 2E2

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January 29th, 2010 at 11:25 am

Minnesota Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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Sorry it’s been so dead on this site recently but life has been hectic. I won’t both you with the details but I will bring to light a project I’ve been working on. We all know the organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a deceptively named organization that is actually Mayor Bloomberg’s personal crusade to disarm the American populace. Of course this organization is also fairly secretive with little information given publicly.

Thankfully there are laws similar to the federal Freedom of Information Act in every state. Since I live in Minnesota I decided to use our law to extract as much information about the organization as I can from Minnesota mayors whom are members. There are five Minnesota mayors in the coalition:

Mayor Steve Lampi of Brooklyn Park
Mayor Elizabeth B. Kautz of Burnsville
Mayor Don Ness of Duluth
Mayor R.T. Rybak of Minneapolis
Mayor Chris Coleman of St. Paul

I have sent requests to each of these mayors and am planning on posting all retrieved data on this site as well as my blog. There are two main goals to this project. Goal one is simply to find what information the coalition is sending to its members. The second goal is a little more complex.

We know many mayors don’t know the actual purpose behind Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This is known because may mayors have left once it was made apparent that the coalition isn’t against illegal guns alone, but guns in general. This lead me to believe the correspondences being sent to members are as carefully worded as information that is publicly released. If this is so this information could help us better fight Bloomberg’s little posse.

Periodically I’ll post information retrieved. Everything I receive will be posted regardless of perceived value or redundancy with information previously posted. I urge every gun owner to take similar actions in their state of residence.


Mayor Steve Lampi of Brooklyn Park

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January 29th, 2010 at 11:18 am

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Episode 10 Delayed

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Two episodes in a row delayed. Not good. But alas I have to do it however much it pains me. The reasoning is due to some stuff going on in my personal life and the fact the place that employs me is moving from one building to another and won’t be completed until the 25th. I hope to get an episode out before all this but I sadly can not guarantee it.

Anyways I apologize for this and will get the episode out as soon as humanly possible.

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January 17th, 2010 at 5:46 pm

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Episode 9

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Although slightly delayed here is episode 9. The topic of this episode is getting involved. I briefly go through different ways you can get involved for the fight for your rights. A little bit of everything is covered including different ways you can fight for your rights locally as well as federally. This really should have been episode 1 but alas better late then never is the theme of this episode.


Open Congress

Library of Congress Thomas


Episode 9 [MP3]

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January 4th, 2010 at 10:38 pm

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Episode 9 Will Be Delayed

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Hey everybody. Although I hate to do it I must delay episode 9. Why? Well a reason is most certainly something I must provide.

I live in an apartment complex and my new neighbor has a fancy new boom boom system he is apparently very proud of. You can hear the music in my apartment it’s so good in fact. Noise violations don’t start until 10 p.m. here hence I can’t do anything, nor am I able to figured out exactly which apartment the bass is coming from. When I do I’ll ask him to turn it down.

Why does this matter? Well because my microphone keeps picking up his bass lines. I’m trying to figure out how to filter them out in GarageBand. Since I’m not overly good with the program and time has been in short supply I haven’t figured out the setting yet. Expect the episode later this week.

Sorry for the delay.

Written by ChristopherBurg

January 4th, 2010 at 2:59 am

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